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Since 1962 Baralan creates, manufactures and customises glass and plastic containers with related accessories, with the aim of being recognised as a point of reference in primary packaging for cosmetics. Baralan is a company with an open, flexible and dynamic vision, with an international presence and a widespread distribution of products. It brin

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The passion for packaging is the core of Baralan’s world. It is its creative driver that along with innovation has been its key to success since 1962.

Baralan is a point of reference for primary packaging solutions in the cosmetic industry as it designs, engineers, manufactures and customises glass and plastic packaging with related accessories for skin care, make-up and fragrance.

A daily challenge to present a wide range of high quality products largely available in stock and in various locations that meet the increasingly personalised requests of the cosmetic industry.

For almost 60 years Baralan has been synonymous of quality and 360° customer service: both in the concept phase up to research and development, and in production up to quality control and logistics.

Transferring the essence of the beauty of perfumes, creams, make up, and everything we use daily for our well-being, into the containers that fill our homes and our bags, is at the foundation of Baralan’s philosophy.

A perfume without its bottle is just a mixture of substances, a cream without its own jar remains only a semi-solid form as well as make up. However, with Baralan’s packaging each of these products has its own dress that enhances it. A form that contains beauty not in the sense of restriction but in safeguarding its essence.


Baralan’s strength and personality are to be found in its dual ability to always keep pace with the emerging market’s requests, but above all to define new trends that will never go out of style.

The real challenge lies in knowing how to create a packaging that is functional but at the same time has an original and impactful design, which is able to satisfy both the needs of the end-user and any client’s request.

Baralan’s products are in fact the result of experience and creativity expressed in the attention to details, in the search for innovative solutions and in the continuous creation of added value.

Know-how and design therefore give life to products with an essential aesthetic and a marked functionality that come alive and become must-have trends through a sophisticated customisation of the finishes, thanks to various decorations and graphic techniques.

Baralan actively collaborates with companies within the Group specialised in decoration, acid-etching, varnishing, satin finish, screen printing, hot stamping; with the use of vitrified enamels and precious metals such as gold or platinum, also in relief, on transparent and metallic surfaces, using a wide range of colours.

Excellence, passion, integrity and creativity are the core values of the Group which offers to the market a wide range of standard packaging, and not only, also of custom-made packaging, paying attention to the demands of the market that increasingly looks towards innovation and also to eco-friendly solutions.

Baralan in fact has at heart the evolution of the market and the health of our planet, therefore the Group continually invests in research and development, not only focusing on glass, which has always been a recyclable and sustainable material, but also on the use of biopolymers with the aim of becoming the main materials used in the production process.

Baralan thus positions itself in the market as a historic Italian company with an open, flexible and dynamic vision, and with an international presence and a widespread distribution of its products in more than 50 countries.

The Group brings Made in Italy to the world, understood as a symbol of beauty, design and impeccable taste combined with an excellent level of quality and service, since always appreciated worldwide and recognised in the packaging developed.




Italian Global Headquarters
Via Niccolò Copernico
34 - 20090 Trezzano s/N Milano, Italy
Phone +39 024844961
Fax +39 0248402719

US North & Midwest Region
Baralan USA INC.
120-19 89th Avenue Richmond Hill
New York 11418, US
Phone +1 (718) 849-1600
Fax +1 (718) 849-1343

US West Region
1016 E. Burgrove St.
Carson, California, 90746, US
Phone +1 (310) 635-0211
Fax +1 (310) 635-1959

US South Region
315 SE Mizner Blvd Suite 212 Boca Raton, FL 33432 USA
Florida, 33394-0002, US
Phone +1 (754) 224-2173
Fax +1(754)263-4144

China headquarters
Baralan Shanghai Ltd.
China Headquarters Suite 1403-1404, Hengji Building 99 East Huaihai Road
Shanghai 200021
Phone +86 2161 35 0208
Fax +86 2161 35 0210

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