Aurelia Probiotic offers advice through new skin tool

Published: 27-Jan-2016

UK skin care company launches digital consultation tool on website

UK company Aurelia Probiotic Skincare has created a digital consultation tool with the aim of putting bespoke skin care and lifestyle coaching into the hands of the consumer.

The Aurelia Skin Tool, available on the brand’s website, can be used on a computer or handheld device, and offers a targeted approach for each user.

The tool begins by asking users to submit information about their typical morning, with different options to select such as housework, breakfast or social media. It then goes on to ask on a sliding scale how the user feels upon waking up, from a low-end of ready for bed to a high-end of ready for life.

Questions proceed to focus on the user’s typical skin care regime. It does account for those who might not have one yet, with this being an option to select too. At this stage, users can be up front about whether they are happy with the results. The tool also addresses how hydrated a user feels at 2pm. It recommends users to drink six glasses of water a day in order to keep skin cell moisture levels up.

Coming to the end of the questionnaire, the tool asks users about what they are typically doing at 5pm and how energised they feel at the end of the day. Upon completing the questions, a number of products are recommended for use based on the responses. A £10 off incentive is also offered at this stage as well as the option to sign up to receive a printable copy of the results.

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