A multisensory firework for youthful skin!

Published: 14-Jun-2022

RAHN's brand-new MYRAMAZE-ESSENCE is a sensocosmetic active ingredient. By activating the sensory receptors of the skin and nose, it relaxes skin and mind and reinstates the skin's natural glow

Stressed and dehydrated skin can look sallow and dull. If you are also in a depressed mood, this has an additional negative effect on the appearance of your skin. MYRAMAZE®-ESSENCE revitalises the skin with the help of all the senses: its scent compounds can lighten the mood even at low-threshold concentrations.

There is an effect on bitter taste receptors in the skin, thus reinvigorating it and returning it to a healthy state. Skin becomes relaxed and luminous.

Clinical studies have shown that MYRAMAZE®-ESSENCE can elicit a more positive mood in persons under stress by instantly lowering levels of stress hormones.

It generates exceptional radiance by activating five triggers: it balances facial hydration, reduces redness, brightens, reduces roughness and increases shine.

In-vitro studies have demonstrated that MYRAMAZE®-ESSENCE activates bitter taste receptors on keratinocytes, inducing a calcium influx which is the driver of skin vitality. It relaxes fibroblasts and restores them to a juvenile state.

In addition, the skin barrier is strengthened, and the skin becomes more elastic. The lips become plumper and wrinkles on the lips as well as on the skin are reduced.

MYRAMAZE®-ESSENCE is a carbon-neutral extract from the resurrection plant Myrothamnus flabellifolia, produced sustainably without the occurrence of plant waste.

For more information, please have a look here: www.radicare.swiss

Any questions? Please contact us: cosmetics@rahn-group.com

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