ARomatic by Iberchem: An olfactory experience powered by Augmented reality, at Beauty world Middle East 2021


This pilot project is designed to show visitors how new technology can serve and complement the fragrance industry

Murcia, September 27, 2021 - Always thinking one step ahead, looking to surprise and using the latest technology on the market, Iberchem will present ARomatic at Beauty world Middle East 2021, an experiment that blends the world of fragrance with that of interactive technology.

This pilot project is designed to show visitors how new technology can serve and complement the fragrance industry.

In ARomatic, fragrances, landscapes and augmented reality come together to surprise and delight. Each of the four fragrances in this original project has been paired with a dedicated augmented reality experience that illustrates the perfumer’s inspiration when creating the fragrance.

This experience has been developed in collaboration with the agency IDEA Ingeniería, one of Spain's leaders in new technology and 4.0 digital transformation.

"Of the many possibilities that AR can bring to the world of fragrances, Iberchem is putting it to use to better illustrate the perfumer's inspiration by immersing each perfume in a distinctive (virtual) environment."

"ARomatic gives fragrances a visual dimension, one that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. The main objective of this project is to demonstrate the potential that new technology has for the perfume industry. So far, very few brands or companies in the sector have explored this combination," explained Guillaume Audy, Iberchem's Communication Director.

"It has been a very interesting challenge to create fragrances to accompany a technological experiment," explained Ana Gómez, perfumer at Iberchem.

"It is a completely different process knowing that the fragrance will not be used for a perfume or a candle, but rather to complement an augmented reality experience. For me, it has been an enriching process that has allowed me to explore new possibilities when it comes to creating fragrances."

ARomatic will be presented at Iberchem’s stand during the 25th edition of Beauty world Middle East from October 5–7, 2021.

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Beauty world Middle East is the largest international trade fair for the beauty industry. This edition will welcome visitors from 56 countries as well as 15 country pavilions, making it this year’s top international beauty event.

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