8 Eid beauty launches for 2022

By Becky Bargh 3-May-2022

Cosmetics Business names the beauty brands marking the end of Islam’s holy month

8 Eid beauty launches for 2022

Limited edition Christmas, Easter and Lunar New Year products are ubiquitous in beauty, but catching up are Eid and Ramadan beauty launches.

Eid – or Eid al-Fitr – is the religious holiday that marks the end of Ramadan in Islamic culture, a month-long dawn-to-dusk fasting, which ends today.

To acknowledge the tradition of breaking fast, Islamic families celebrate with food and drink, but also by giving gifts – a prime opportunity for beauty brands.

And more are trying to connect with Muslim consumers by launching gifting bozes or dedicated Eid and Ramadan skus.

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Here, Cosmetics Business has rounded up eight beauty brands that are commemorating the end of the holy month.


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