7 perfume trends to sniff out in 2018

By Sarah Parsons | 17-Jan-2018

From niche brands to luxe favourites, here are the fragrances trends to discover this year

Harnessing one of our strongest senses, fragrance is often first experience a consumer has of the beauty industry. As a result, this early interaction can garner more loyalty – and emotional attachment – than any other category.

Perfume has seen some major shifts in recent years, such as celebrity fragrances losing their glamour, and the market is projected to reach US$64.6bn by 2023.

From packaging to notes, a new survey by online marketplace onbuy.com has revealed what consumers are desperate to get their noses on in 2018.

1. Genderfluid scents

7 perfume trends to sniff out in 2018

One of the biggest trends of 2017, genderless fragrances aren’t expected to lose their appeal anytime soon: 72% of consumers are expected to try a unisex scent this year.

When it comes to notes that appeal, traditionally masculine scents are in vogue with 70% of the top-voted perfumes containing woody or spicy notes.

2. High street favourites

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Price-driven shoppers are expected to head to the high street to buy their next perfume from their favourite fast fashion stores as onbuy.com reports 60% of respondents stating they would be a private-label fragrance.

3. Luxe appeal

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But that doesn’t mean premium brands have lost their allure, as 80% of consumers still prefer high-end to high-street.

4. The simple life

In the 2000s lavish perfume bottles were all the rage – think Anna Sui’s Flight of Fancy or Vera Wang’s Princess – but more consumers are seeking a minimalistic approach from their favourite brands.

“With the likes of Jo Malone, Diptyque and beauty blogger’s cult brand Byredo leading the way in minimalist bottle design, it appears this trend will be staying put in 2018,” said the report.

According to the survey, 48% of perfume-lovers said they preferred a simple bottle design over something more extravagant, with 67% of respondents claiming it made the perfume feel more high-end.

5. Vegetable notes

Although consumers are looking to tone it down a notch when it comes to packaging, they’re taking an experimental turn when it comes to notes.

Shoppers are keen to try vegetable notes this year, with onbuy.com claiming rhubarb is the scent du jour, as 1 in 5 survey participants admitted they would try a vegetable-based fragrance in 2018.

6. Vegan perfume

The rise of veganism has impacted almost every aspect of the beauty industry, with more brands than ever demonstrating their cruelty-free ethos – and perfume is no different.

Consumers will be on the lookout for one particular buzzword when fragrance shopping in 2018 as 64% will prioritise buying vegan perfumes.

7. More than a scent

Beauty fans are becoming more aware of the potential skin care benefits of perfume, but more are demanding that their favourite scent should help their complexion as well as their mood, with 30% of respondents interested in fragrances helping sensitive skin.

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