50% of millennials say unwanted body hair dents their confidence


Younger millennials are more likely to feel self-conscious, less confident or insecure about hair on their bodies than older women from this category

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One in two millennial women have admitted that unwanted body hair has made them feel self-conscious, less confident or insecure.

In a survey conducted by hair removal brand Nair and Kelton Global on 1,000 millennial women, the impact of unwanted body hair on self-esteem was analysed.

Younger millennial women were found to be more affected by feelings of insecurity due to hair on their bodies than older millennials, with a split of 57% to 48% respectively.

Some women were found to be willing to make hypothetical life sacrifices if it meant an end to unwanted hair.

Nearly half said they would give up coffee (48%) for a month, if it meant being free of unwanted body hair for one year.

Many others were also willing to give up Netflix (44%), sex (39%) and social media (38%) in return for 12 months fuzz-free.

But what areas were deemed most undesirable? The bikini line was the biggest offender with 72% of the vote, followed by underarms (58%) and legs (52%).

Unpicking the reasons behind why the respondents find these areas so troublesome, the survey revealed that 56% of millennial women are put off by the time-consuming nature of shaving, while another 44% find shaving irritates their skin, and 72% said hair grows back too quickly.

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