Neal’s Yard Remedies starts Age Well Revolution for forgotten customers

By Becky Bargh | Published: 22-Aug-2018

With its new campaign, the ethical beauty brand hopes to encourage a discussion about ageing ‘well’

Ethical beauty brand Neal’s Yard Remedies has launched its Age Well campaign in an effort to change the way ageing is portrayed in society.

The campaign features women over the age of 40 sharing their views on what they believe it means to age well and chose six to front the campaign.

From entrepreneurs to farmers, the women are aged between 45 and 80 years old.

One contributor, 49-year-old Bella Kirkus, said: “Ageing well is about laughing freely, being strong and being determined to be a warrior for my own truth. It’s about honouring myself.”

Meanwhile 68-year-old Paula Wolton added: “The one thing I couldn’t do without? My life. I’m not being facetious – I mean my life, the one I’m living.”

Through the campaign, the brand hopes to spark conversation between older consumers about ageing well.

“It’s not about turning back the clock, it’s about ageing well and we want women to feel excited about being the best version of themselves, at any age,” said Neal’s Yard Remedies co-owner Anabel Kindersley.

“In our stories and on social media, we hear so many amazing stories from our customers, so we wanted to celebrate them and bring them to the forefront of our Age Well Revolution campaign to inspire other women the way they inspire us every day.”

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