Meet the indie beauty brands choosing collaboration over competition

By Jo Allen | Published: 21-Aug-2023

Brands are profiting from working together in beauty, and it's more common than many people think

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The concept of ‘collaboration over competition’ is not a new one for the beauty industry.

Most visibly, cosmetics and personal care companies are seen working together on sustainability initiatives, such as the British Beauty Council’s Sustainable Beauty Coalition, the EcoBeautyScore consortium and Cosmetic Europe’s Commit for Our Planet project.

Less widely publicised are the ways in which beauty brands collaborate together for other purposes. But they do, and it’s more common than many people think.

Fiona Glen, Director of Projects at The Red Tree, says that compared to some other industries, such as fashion, there is more collaboration in the beauty industry.

“It’s due to a combination of factors but it’s a big cultural thing. I think people are aware that collaboration is beneficial in the long run, that it’s less about just doing things completely for themselves,” she explains.

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