Meet Potion AI, a free platform for beauty R&D

Published: 27-Jun-2024

Potion AI is a technology start-up based in San Francisco, California on a mission to streamline beauty product development. The company’s AI-powered platform can help product developers and formulators search for ingredients and evaluate product benchmarks in minutes

Origin story 
Several years ago, the founders of Potion developed a patented intelligent AI system capable of transforming product development briefs into starter formulations. Eager to put their innovation to the test, they tried to launch a skincare brand, only to encounter a series of complex challenges firsthand: accessing raw material information, validating product claims, overcoming stability testing failures, navigating regulatory compliance, and much more. 

Dealing with these hurdles firsthand made a lasting impression on the team. They decided to put their own brand operations on hold in order to build out their technology to share it with the beauty industry at-large. Their goal? To help product development professionals go from brainstorm-to-bench faster than ever before using cutting-edge, intuitive software. Potion AI is now dedicated to empowering the next generation of product developers, helping them bring more innovative products to market faster than ever before. 

How does it work? 
Potion has been training proprietary AI models, specifically focused on the beauty & personal care sector, for the past several years. The platform currently has the following free offerings.

AI-Powered Search Engine 
Finding the right ingredients can be a tedious task, often involving countless filters and visits to multiple websites. Potion AI simplifies this with an AI-powered search engine. Just describe what you need, and the tool provides precise matches from a vast database of raw materials. This easy-to-use feature is a game changer, cutting down time spent on ingredient discovery and selection. It is also gaining popularity among ingredient suppliers, who use it to keep tabs on new product launches and market trends. With Potion AI, searching for ingredients is now easier, more efficient, and far less stressful.

Meet Potion AI, a free platform for beauty R&D

AI-Powered Benchmarking 
Analysing a benchmark product’s formulation can be a challenging task. Traditionally, formulators spend considerable time breaking down ingredient lists to understand what gives a product its unique texture and efficacy and which materials support its claims. Potion AI streamlines this process. Simply paste the INCI list of your benchmark product into the system, and it will automatically identify potential raw materials (including specialty blends) and predict their likely concentration ranges. This is just the beginning—the tool will continue to evolve and improve over time. This first version has already become invaluable for formulators and product developers, procurement professionals seeking alternatives, and chemical suppliers monitoring the use of specialty chemicals in the market. With Potion AI, understanding and comparing formulations just takes a few clicks.

Meet Potion AI, a free platform for beauty R&D

What are the benefits of Potion AI in the beauty industry and its impact on the market? 
Generative AI holds immense potential in the beauty and personal care industry, particularly on the R&D side where a wealth of information remains trapped in PDF documents, the regulatory landscape is rapidly evolving and increasing in complexity, and product formulation relies on a trial-and-error based approach.  

With Potion, professionals of all experience levels can save time and make insight-driven decisions faster. The company hopes to continue building tools to help the industry spend less time on the repetitive and mundane, and more time on creativity and innovation, thereby creating value for the entire ecosystem—while preserving the human touch, of course! 

How can I sign up? 
Simply visit Potion AI’s website to sign up for free access to the platform. After signup, you’ll receive an email with access instructions. By joining, you'll also gain access to their newsletter containing insights on the latest beauty product launches delivered straight to your inbox on a bi-weekly basis. 

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