Marketing vegan cosmetics: Are you ready for the biggest months in veganism?

Published: 31-Oct-2023

As the global interest in veganism continues to rise, it has become crucial for cosmetics brands to prepare for the strongest months in the vegan calendar: World Vegan Month (in November) and Veganuary (in January)

According to research1, the global vegan cosmetics market is projected to reach $24.79 billion in 2028. “Over the last decade, there has been a growing movement to lead a more ethical lifestyle – not only for animal welfare but also for the health of the planet. In terms of cosmetics and personal care specifically, there has been a real shift towards vegan beauty and conscious consumerism.” – Ben Elmadi, Technical Manager at MSL Solution Providers.

As the global interest in veganism continues to rise, it has become crucial for cosmetics brands to prepare for the strongest months in the vegan calendar: World Vegan Month (in November) and Veganuary (in January).

These months present a unique opportunity for brands to launch exciting campaigns about their new and existing vegan products and shout about their vegan credentials, reaching not just vegan consumers but people who care about the impact and ethics the products they use have on animals and the planet as well.

World Vegan Month and Veganuary: Strong months for vegan product launches and exciting campaigns

Kicking off on 1 November with World Vegan Day, November is globally recognised as World Vegan Month. It was in November 1944 that The Vegan Society’s founding members coined the word ‘vegan’ and started the world’s first vegan society, and in 1994 World Vegan Month was created to honour this iconic creation.

This month-long celebration of all things vegan is followed in January by Veganuary, a global campaign that encourages people to try a vegan lifestyle, raising awareness about the ethical, environmental, and health benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Whilst the Veganuary campaign often focuses on food, research found that 41% of consumers who are taking part in Veganuary are also looking for vegan alternatives to the skincare products they currently use.2

During these two powerful months, consumers are more conscious than ever about their choices, making it an ideal time for cosmetics brands to launch and promote their vegan products.

Customers actively seek out vegan products during this time, providing a golden opportunity for brands to not only meet demand but also create lasting connections with conscious consumers.

Being able to shout confidently about the brand and the vegan credentials of their products is extremely important and can help increase consumer trust. Third-party vegan certifications like the Vegan Trademark give consumers the peace of mind that a vegan product has been checked by an external organisation and that it meets the highest vegan standards.

How to be ready for your next vegan product campaign: Strengthen your vegan claims

While creative campaigns can make a significant impact during these months, having a third-party vegan certification can strengthen your brand's credibility and reassure consumers about the authenticity of your products.

The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark is the most trusted and recognised vegan certification globally. It shows consumers that your cosmetics have undergone rigorous checks to ensure they meet the highest vegan standards, giving consumers the confidence to choose your products.

Incorporating the Vegan Trademark on your packaging, marketing materials, and online platforms can help your brand stand out during World Vegan Month, Veganuary, and other relevant dates. It acts as a beacon for conscious consumers, guiding them towards products that align with their values.

Marketing vegan cosmetics: Are you ready for the biggest months in veganism?

“Celebrating our Vegan Society accreditation isn't just a badge for us; it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.” says Robyn Butler, Brand Manager at Noughty. “We believe that beauty should be kind to the planet, its creatures, and ourselves. Our Vegan Trademark
certification is not just a mark; it's a promise to our customers that they can trust us. We proudly showcase our Vegan Trademark certification in
every interaction, from engaging with our retailers to our internal communications and even on our product packaging. It's a symbol of integrity and quality that our customers recognise and appreciate. The trust we have built is evident through the customers who reach out to us, sharing stories of how our Vegan Trademark certification reassures them. It's these heartfelt testimonials that fuel our passion to continuously uphold the highest standards, ensuring that our customers not only love our products but also trust the values we stand for.”

Ensuring that your vegan cosmetic product is fully vegan involves more than just the formula, its development must also not involve any sort of animal testing.

Microbiological testing companies such as MSL, with their Vegan Trademark certified VeganSure®, replace standard culture media with plant-based or synthetic alternatives to help brands ensure the safety of their cosmetic products without compromising their vegan ethics.

“Historically, assuring the microbiological safety of animal-free cosmetic products, without compromising their ethics, was a challenge for vegan beauty brands. Mandatory efficacy tests usually rely on standard culture media and neutralisers, which originate from animal by-products.” says Ben Elmadi, Technical Manager at MSL Solution Providers. “VeganSure was the first vegan test suite to market and the first to be registered with The Vegan
Society’s Vegan Trademark. It replaces all animal-derived ingredients with plant-based or synthetic alternatives, such as papaya-derived enzymes, soya bean, sugars from potatoes, cornmeal, and plant peptones, to assure the safety of a cosmetic product in line with its brand’s ethical stance. With this service, we can perform all standard testing, such as ISO, USP, BP, as well as bespoke test methods in a truly vegan way.”

So if you want your brand to engage with conscious consumers and thrive in the growing vegan beauty market, be sure to utilise the strongest months in the vegan industry. By launching creative campaigns, collaborating with influencers, and educating consumers, brands can make a lasting impact. Furthermore, obtaining the Vegan Trademark certification adds an extra layer of authenticity and trust to your brand, making it a go-to choice for consumers during World Vegan Month and Veganuary. Are you ready to embrace the vegan surge and make your mark during these powerful months? Find out more about making your vegan beauty/cosmetic product stronger with vegan certification by contacting the Vegan Trademark here.


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