Marchesini Group Beauty: Ai & Technology for cosmetic industry

Published: 6-Jun-2024

This year Marchesini Group Beauty presented the innovative a-eye lipstick system by SEA Vision, paired for the first time with an automatic lipstick molding machine produced by Cosmatic brand

Both SEA Vision and Cosmatic are Marchesini Group’s companies. This a-eye lipstick solution is the world’s first system for automatic inspection of lipsticks in production based on Artificial Intelligence techniques, automating the quality inspection process that has largely relied on manual human inspection. The concept behind a-eye lipstick was developed to address a problem: the wide variety of characteristics that distinguish lipsticks (colors, finishes, shapes, formulations, and combinations) makes the inspection process complicated from the perspective of traditional artificial vision inspection systems.

The system is based on proprietary algorithms driven by Artificial Intelligence. The use of innovative neural, pre-neural, and non-neural technologies makes it possible to achieve the ideal balance between quality and inspection efficiency during the production process. State-of-the-art hardware, characterised by unprecedented ease of integration, revolutionises how quality control can be performed on 100% of the entire production without impacting timelines and ensuring unprecedented precision in evaluating the quality of these products.

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