Kerascalp: A healthy scalp for healthy hair

Published: 5-Dec-2022

Kerascalp is a well-ageing haircare active ingredient derived from Amla, an Ayurvedic ingredient and natural adaptogen, which addresses hair loss and greying, enabling us to look as we feel, in line with psychoaesthetics

A hair ally for self-esteem in an age of “imagocracy” in which image has assumed a great deal to power. A holistic approach 100% natural origin that integrates inner well-being and exterior beauty backed by Psychotrichology, a discipline that links hair disorders with mental issues like stress.

Kerascalp acts from the source to delay the appearance of the visible signs of hair ageing, awaking and energising the scalp for revitalised hair. It significantly increases collagen XVII protein whose role is essential for preserving the stem cell niche related to follicle strength and pigmentation. Efficacy results in hair strength, volume, shine, growth and darkening demonstrated in a mixed and stressed volunteers

Kerascalp well-ageing for hair with an Ayurvedic, adaptogen ingredient.

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