Instagram stories integral to influencer marketing

By Becky Bargh | Published: 22-Sep-2020

A new study by Tribe Dynamics found almost 80% of brands said Instagram stories had ‘significantly’ impacted influencer content about their brand

Instagram stories are integral to influencer marketing, a new report by Tribe Dynamics has found.

In its 2020 Influencer Brand Survey Report, the tracking service reported that close to 80% of brands agreed posting on Instagram stories had ‘significantly’ impacted influencer content about their brand.

The influencer marketing platform also discovered more than 60% of influencers have used the stories feature ‘much more frequently’ over the past year.

Tribe Dynamics said the best way for a brand to leverage Instagram stories would be for them to share more story content on their own channels, and encourage influencers to share unsponsored content about their brand.

Meanwhile, the rise of TikTok has not gone unnoticed by brands and influencers.

Along with the 35% of influencers claiming they have used the platform more frequently in the last year, 35% of brands with influencer marketing teams said they have a dedicated group for its TikTok content.

In the report Tribe Dynamics said: “There’s no question that 2020 has proven a particularly eventful year for the influencer economy – not to mention every other economy.

“New platforms like TikTok are rapidly capturing consumers’ attention, while others such as Instagram stories have graduated from emergent trends to established staples of brands’ and influencers’ storytelling toolkits.”

Covid-19’s impact

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted most aspects of life, many people are working from home, face masks have become the norm and beauty brands are tapping into self-care while consumers spend more time at home.

But the outbreak has even gone as far as to shape the type of content influencers are posting online.

More than one third of social media savvy influencers are posting more frequently online and 45% said their content looked ‘somewhat different’ compared with a year ago, while 16% agreed their channels looked ‘very different’.

Influencers have turned their attention to posting at-home content, sharing self-care information and talking about products they think are worth the price tag.

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