Inspira Cosmetics

Founded in Aachen Germany in 2000 by experienced skin care specialists with many years of expertise and a passion for visible results and top product quality. Scientifically based product development and state of the art active ingredients. Family owned business for close ear on the market & the personal touch

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Since 2014 development of new sub-brands under the inspira cosmetics brand. Key features:

  • Premium quality and superior product packaging
  • Highest efficacity and skin tolerance
  • Attractive price point  – democratic luxury
  • Smart assortment structure – modular set up, short line
  • Niche brand policy

Inspira Cosmetics

Best Agers are:

  • Active
  • Physically fit
  • Young at heart
  • Want to match their look with the age they feel

The scientific background

Step 1: removal of dead skin cells with specially studied fruit acids (cosmetic and medical grade)

Step 2: stimulation of the skin from within to treat wrinkles and age spots

Step 3: maintaining the results with special products of the Youth Preserve module

Portfolio of lines

inspira: med

Inspira Cosmetics

Overnight Serum withCopper Peptides + Vitamine A or Vitamine C respectively

Inspira Cosmetics

Medical Grade Chemical Peels

Inspira Cosmetics

Pro Barrier Concept as Bi Phase Ampulle

inspira: absolue

Inspira Cosmetics

Inspira: absolue put these trends into a unique skin care and skin protection concept.

A combination of the pure nature of the Swiss Alps and the latest scientific findings of active ingredients research.

Inspira Cosmetics

Protection from:

  • UVA/B
  • Infrared
  • Bluelight
  • Air pollution
  • Detox/Destress
  • Anti wrinkle/lifting with peptides

High quality natural lipids rebuild the skin from within.

Inspira: absolue suitable for any woman of any age – for the most beautiful you.

New Star Product – Absolute Serum

Inspira Cosmetics

Skin Accents -  Treatment Enhancement Products

Skin Accents offes a large variety of treatment enhancelment products for cabin and home use for more inspiring treatments.

Some Highlights:

  • Collagen Fleece masks in large choice
  • Hydrogel Masks for the eye contour and full face
  • Filmalgine Anti Aging Peel off Powder Masks with soy peptides and  isoflavon
  • Biocellulose Anti Age Mask made of a medical high tech material
  • High Tech Ampoules (also for the eye contour Magic Eyes Complex

Bestseller Magic Spheres

Inspira Cosmetics

The new fragrance from inspira: cosmetics

  • Made by master perfumers in Grasse/France
  • Bottle form Venetian Glass maker
  • High class unisex fragrance

Mission and our values

Our Mission

Our products guarantee beauty and success. We increase the self-confidence and vitality of people thus ensuring their well-being and satisfaction. This is true for the beauty professional working with our products and the final consumer alike.


  • Uncompromising Premium Quality
  • Visible results
  • Service orientation
  • Responsibility for ressources and human beings
  • Sincerity partnership

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