Established in 2011, Here2Grow specialises in formulation and product development, analytical testing and regulatory services to the personal care and cosmetics sector.

With the expertise to develop innovative product ideas, Here2Grow will make sure your product is carefully crafted, robustly tested and is fully compliant with the latest regulations.

The aim of the company is to guide you through the steps from concept through to product launch, and go the extra mile to achieve the desired result.

With a purpose built, state of the art lab facilities, located at Selby Business Park, North Yorkshire, the lab is fully equipped with the latest formulation production technologies, product testing equipment. Their professional team works to ISO 17025 standards.

Here2Grow’s portfolio includes start-ups, micro-organisations and prestigious global companies.

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A day in the life of Here2Grow Cosmetics & Homecare Lab

Formulation Services

Product Development & Formulation Services

Here2Grow is passionate about creating cosmetics and beauty products, working closely with our clients to design products that are bespoke, innovative and carefully crafted to a high standard.

This includes rigorous in-house testing on a product’s stability and performance to ensure that it is effective, safe and compliant with the global regulations.

Providing well-rounded industry expertise, Here2Grow will guide you expertly through the required development stages – click here to find out more about the process.


Here2Grow performs reverse engineering of formulations, of all formats, spanning cosmetics to household products. The information we can derive from de-formulation can be found here.

Organic & Green Products

Organic and green products can be created for a broad range of cosmetics and household products. Here2Grow understands the complex process of formulating organic and green products, with specialist knowledge of sourcing natural or certified ingredients and integrating them into a formulation.

Ingredients are selected according to the client’s project brief and a list of key ingredients can be found here.

Ethnic, Black Skin & Hair Care

Here2Grow is one of the few UK labs able to design products specifically to suit different skin and hair types including: Asian, Black and Caucasian (ABC – Product development range).

With proven experience of successfully developing challenging formulations, Here2Grow is able to take formulations through their paces at low to high temperatures, at different humidity levels and through sensory evaluation.

The types of ABC products we can develop can be found here.

Product Testing


Analytical Testing:

Here2Grow Labs provide Analytical and Physical Testing services for pure chemicals or chemicals found in cosmetics.

Using our state-of-art testing equipment, the company can carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis – click here to see the full range of methods.

Here2Grow also performs microscopy, multi spectroscopy, alkalinity and microbiology challenge testing, as well as testing the purity of liquid materials.

Physical & Chemical Stability Testing:

Here2Grow provides stability testing to ensure that the physico-chemical integrity of the developed product is assured.

Click here for a list of included test procedures.

Microbiological Testing:

The efficacy of the preservative of cosmetics is tested using the challenge test, which includes: mold resistance, fungi resistance and resistance to bacteria.

Regulatory Services

The regulatory world is becoming more stringent and it is increasingly challenging for companies to ensure that their products and production processes are compliant.

Here2Grow has the right technical expertise and can provide tailored regulatory services for personal care, homecare, cosmetics, medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

Our in-house expertise is designed to ensure that you achieve your commercial goals and are fully compliant with the latest regulatory requirements.

Recognising that no two days are the same in the regulatory world, Here2Grow offer flexible services that are tailored to fully meet your needs:

  • Ad-hoc one-off project support
  • Outsourced consultancy
  • Short or long term retainer contracts.

Find out more here.

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