Healthy Aging and Proactive Nutrition Summit 2023

Published: 23-Aug-2023

The market for healthy ageing and proactive nutrition thrives on innovation, partnership building and strategic investment

As the pursuit of holistic health extends across generations, the concept of health span is changing; with nutritional perspectives being redefined and an increase in lifestyle choices that nurture both mental and physical vitality.

The Healthy Aging and Proactive Nutrition Summit 2023 aims to unite preventative and prescriptive approaches to enhance health span and longevity in a world full of financial, physiological and lifestyle stressors.

Serving as a platform for collaboration, innovation and strategic partnerships, the Summit will bring together pioneering start-ups, multinational and independent brands, investors, retailers and ingredients suppliers to explore cutting-edge strategies, share valuable insights and showcase innovations that have the power to transform the landscape of healthy ageing.

Download the agenda here.

Industry-leading speakers include:

  • Eva Hurt, Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, North America, Coca-Cola
  • Evan Berk, Director, Nutrition Science & Innovation, Unilever
  • Julia McCalmont, Vice President, Global R&D Head for VMS/Nutrition Health & LATAM, Bayer
  • Arpesh Metha, Investment Director, DSM Venturing
  • Dondeena Bradley, Vice President, Health & Wellness Strategy & Innovation, Mars

Top 3 reasons to attend:

  • Benchmark against peers, define your strategic priorities and discover the key attributes investors value most
  • Gain actionable insights into partnership building and collaboration with key players throughout the industry to scale your product effectively
  • Spark innovation and facilitate brand development by gaining valuable market insights from industry leaders

Register before Friday, August 25 and save up to $600.

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