Expert insights on how to source responsibly to meet rising consumer demand in supply chain transparency

Published: 19-Nov-2020

On December 3, cosmetic and personal care
leaders are invited to join an exclusive online event providing clear understanding of what “clean” ingredient sourcing means

Sourcing ingredients that meet "clean" criteria is more important than ever as consumers reward sustainability and supply chain transparency.

On December 3, cosmetic and personal care
leaders are invited to join an exclusive online event featuring expert presenters who will provide 
a clear understanding of what "clean" ingredient sourcing means.

They will also outline how
 to simplify the ingredient selection process while still telling a compelling clean ingredient story.

In addition, participants will receive a closer look at how to improve products that incorporate
ethanol such as hand sanitizers, fragrances, hair sprays and more.

Registrants will be
introduced to the latest innovation from Amyris: ethanol sourced from Bonsucro certified
sugarcane, which is the highest standard for responsible sugarcane farming and sourcing. This innovation will allow brands to easily make the switch to a high performance and trusted
alternative that meets consumer demands.

Whether you are a contract manufacturer looking to source the most ethical and sustainable
quality ingredients or a brand leader looking to improve customer credibility while maintaining
quality, register now to gain key tips and strategies to improve your next launch.

What you'll learn:

  • The latest consumer trends to improve ingredient selection
  • How to build consumer trust through supply chains
  • How to better tell your sustainable ingredient story
  • Responsible sourcing tips during pandemics
  • Introduction to the Bonsucro standard
  • How to improve hand sanitizer, hair spray and fragrance launches with ethical and
 sustainable ethanol
  • The sustainable and ethical check-list for selecting contract manufacturers
  • How to strengthen CSR efforts with sourcing standards
  • The outlook for sustainable sourcing in 2021.

Register for free here.

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