EquipNet effectively handles multinational client’s complete site closure

Published: 22-Apr-2020

Recently, EquipNet was given the exciting opportunity to assist a multinational beauty company as it closed a facility in Hünfeld, Germany. With this opportunity came the challenge to inventory, tag, and sell the company’s over 1,000 high-quality assets.

However, the client soon had to alter its timeline, giving EquipNet a significantly shorter deadline. Additionally, the company had to work within government regulations when formulating sales contracts with certain countries, making for a high-paced race to meet the client’s needs with ease and success.

As the job began, EquipNet successfully inventoried the client’s assets on-site and developed a plan on how to maximize financial returns. All high-value equipment was listed on EquipNet’s Online MarketPlace for a dedicated negotiated sale, and later, a dedicated online auction was created to help move the client’s lower-valued assets, as well as any remaining equipment from the previous MarketPlace sale.

In the end, EquipNet was able to sell over 1,000 pieces of equipment, bringing in over $2.5 million for the happy client, and within the original agreed-upon timeframe!

Currently, EquipNet is excited to be working with the client again, this time to help sell surplus perfume and cosmetic manufacturing equipment from an operational facility in Sanford, North Carolina.

A wide variety of explosion proof fillers, tanks, cappers, unscramblers, labelers and more from renowned manufacturers including Serac, IMA, Posimat, Lee Industries, and more are available.

Featuring lower-valued parts to high-valued pieces of equipment, the project is sure to offer a wide variety of high-quality pre-owned equipment to fit a company’s needs—financially and operationally—perfectly!

Check the project and inventory HERE.

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