Epara switches to refillable airless

Published: 28-Jun-2023

Quadpack’s Regula Airless Refill protects the power of African botanicals for Epara’s Hydrating Crème-Gel

Epara’s Hydrating Crème-Gel replenishes dehydrated skin, while minimising the effects from pollution and screen light. Unlike previous moisturisers in the range – initially designed for the unique skin care requirements of women of colour – the new, inclusive cream comes not in a jar, but in a refillable bottle endowed with airless technology. While Hydrating Crème-Gel protects the skin, Quadpack’s Regula Airless Refill, in turn, shields the high-end formula from external contamination.

Quadpack has accompanied the UK-based luxury brand since its launch in 2017. Epara, which means ‘to cocoon oneself’ in the Nigerian dialect of Ebira, uses organic ingredients from Africa to treat skin care issues such as dryness and hyper pigmentation. The company has expanded, selling its products in-store at Selfridge’s in the UK and globally via the web. Quadpack continues to provide droppers and jars, as well as a bespoke spatula. The packaging of its new moisturiser, however, marks a departure from the norm.

“We liked that the pack was airless, as it maintains the integrity of the formulation,” says founder Ozohu Adoh, “but the real draw was that it was refillable. As a luxury brand, efficacy and attractive packaging are prerequisites, but we are also responsible for sustainability. We love the idea of offering refills and this pack marks the start of that journey. The key to get people to embrace the concept is to make it effortless and seamless. Our customers are busy, professional women, so it’s only going to work if it’s easy.”

Epara is preparing to market the refills at the start of next year, setting up logistics and creating video tutorials on usage and recycling.

The packs are made and decorated at Quadpack’s manufacturing facilities in Germany. The outer bottles are closely colour-matched to the rest of the range, with the branding applied via silk screening. The 50ml inserts are left natural and uncoloured, to make them visible through the transparent outer, so consumers can see when a refill is necessary.

As with the other references supplied to Epara, Quadpack also provided the secondary packaging for Hydrating Crème-Gel. The outer box is made of premium white paper stock, embossed with a fine Damask pattern and decorated with black foiling.

Epara is currently in consultation with Quadpack to facilitate refill logistics. Adoh says of the partnership: “Quadpack has always maintained a high level of professionality. Its products do what they promise but, while quality is important, relationship really matters.”

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