Dr.PAWPAW hits shelves at Priceline Pharmacy Australia

Published: 16-Oct-2023

Pauline Paterson, co-founder of Dr.PAWPAW and YOUR gorgeous SKIN with her husband Johnny, travelled to Australia for the launch of their award-winning multipurpose beauty and skincare brand committed to delivering high-quality, natural and vegan balms and skincare solutions

Loved by make-up artists, celebrities and families across the globe, Dr.PAWPAW is now available across 398 Priceline Pharmacy stores with its new skincare collection and a selection of its famous multipurpose lip balms.

Born in Coburg, Victoria, Pauline knew the wonders of the PAWPAW fruit and set out to share its magic with the world. Initially conceived as a natural alternative to alleviate her daughter’s eczema, Dr.PAWPAW represents a heartfelt commitment to providing an inclusive range of solutions that will help the whole family every day. In a beautiful twist, after captivating the international beauty scene, Dr.PAWPAW is now making its triumphant debut in Australia, where it all began. Pauline’s commitment to bringing the best of Australia to the world, and the world back to Australia, is a testament to her unwavering vision and dedication to multipurpose beauty.

Five of the brand’s core collection of balms, which are a sell-out success in Europe and cross-continent, will also be available at Priceline Pharmacy. The small yet mighty multipurpose balms are perfect to take with you everywhere you go, compact, convenient and packed full with its trio of hero ingredients: PAWPAW to nourish, Aloe Vera to soothe and Olive Oil to moisturise.

As well as its clear, 100% natural Original and Shea Butter balms, Dr.PAWPAW is introducing to Australia its tinted Ultimate Red and Peach Pink balms, all free of petrolatum. These offer a solution to a lip care product that will hydrate and soften whilst also adding a pop of colour. For use on lips, cheeks and eyelids, the buildable formulas mean you can create multiple looks from a soft natural glow to a more vibrant, bold colour.

A new addition to the Priceline Pharmacy lip category will be the US best-seller, Scrub & Nourish, a multi-award winning innovative lip scrub and balm duo pot, blending together a hard-working sugar scrub, containing Dr.PAWPAW’s iconic Mango & Coconut scent, to buff away dry, flaky skin and the Original Balm to restore lips.

The brand, powered by the PAWPAW fruit, is introducing six skincare products from its latest range YOUR gorgeous SKIN, containing a world-first innovative ingredient: papayaluronicTM.

This new pioneering multipurpose skincare collection champions science and performance. Containing its trademarked formulation papayaluronicTM, it provides the nourishing and soothing effects of the papaya extract, teamed with 8x hyaluronic acids which absorb into all layers of the skin for instant and long-lasting hydration, resulting in super soft, deeply hydrated skin. Also complemented by a host of top-level Korean skincare ingredients including Bakuchiol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Retinol. The range includes a supercharged 4 in 1 face serum that effectively delivers multiple skin benefits. The serum smooths, hydrates, brightens and firms - combining four serums into one dynamic formula, a 3 in 1 cleansing balm, brightening eye cream, hydrating day cream, rejuvenating night cream and hydrating sheet mask.

Pauline comments: “Dr.PAWPAW has come a long way, starting as a simple clear balm and blooming into a fully-fledged innovative beauty brand. We offer everything from buildable tints for all skin tones to some fantastic, best-selling hair care products in our lineup. Now, we’re diving into skincare, launching YOUR gorgeous SKIN in Australia after international success. Plus, we’ve got something super exciting to share – our world-first ingredient, papayaluronicTM, a new concept that deeply hydrates and transforms skin. To top it all off, we’re teaming up with one of the big players in the game, Priceline Pharmacy. I can’t believe that a shop I used to be a customer of will now be selling my very own products!”

YOUR gorgeous SKIN skincare - from $7.99 to $29.99

Dr.PAWPAW 10ml balms - from $4.99 to $13.99

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