Coty renews Mexx and Bruno Banani fragrance licences

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 1-Feb-2024

The fragrance licences with the Mexx and Bruno Banani have been extended by 25 and 20 years respectively

Coty has renewed its fragrance licence agreements with Dutch fashion label Mexx and German underwear brand Bruno Banani.

The partnership with Mexx, which covers all of its fragrances and colognes, has been extended for more than 25 years.

The renewed licence agreement will build on the brand’s current expansion plans and help it open into markets and categories, said Coty CEO Sue Nabi.

“Our ongoing relationship with Coty mirrors that of Mexx’s foundation; a highly collaborative partnership between two compatible, complementary forces,” added Ron Janssen, co-founder of Mexx Group.

“We look forward to building upon our successful partnership with Coty as we refresh our signature lines and look toward exciting new growth opportunities.”

Mexx’s fragrance line was first launched in 2000 with the Mexx Man and Mexx Woman edps.

Coty has also renewed its fragrance licence with fragrance and underwear brand Bruno Banani, which has been extended to over 20 years.

The two companies plan to work together on creating new female-focused fragrances and attracting younger consumers.

Bruno Banani’s fragrance line includes Man and Woman, as well as Loyal Man and Magnetic Woman.

“Since winning the licence in 2015, Coty has cemented Bruno Banani’s position as Germany’s leading fragrance brand with the iconic Man and Woman,” said Nabi.

“This marks yet another exciting milestone in our ongoing relationship with Coty, as we work to bring our shared vision and values to life, across ever-evolving new categories, segments, and consumer groups,” added Jan Jassner, CEO of Bruno Banani.

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