Cosmetics company Amyris turns attention to fast-growing menopausal category with new takeover

By Becky Bargh | Published: 25-Jan-2022

MenoLabs is the business’ first acquisition that will build on its new consumer category dedicated to menopausal beauty and wellness

Amyris is continuing its flurry of takeovers into 2022 with the acquisition of its first menopausal wellness brand, MenoLabs.

The brand’s subscription model offers supplement products for the fast-growing perimenopausal and menopausal market that are backed by science and use natural ingredients.

MenoLabs’ app, meanwhile, helps women to track their symptoms and offers support with specific features for different stages of the menopausal transition.

The takeover builds on Amyris’ aim to procure an entire consumer portfolio dedicated to wellness and personal care that targets the effects of the menopause.

According to the group, the menopause market was valued at US$15bn in 2020 and is tipped to reach $23bn by 2028.

“We are very impressed with MenoLabs’ offering, which is synergistic with our science-backed approach to real-world health and wellness issues,” said John Melo, President and CEO of Amyris.

“Women deserve products and solutions that work during this period of their lives.”

He added: “Our acquisition of the products and app that the MenoLabs team has built accelerates Amyris’ entry into the menopause market.

“We expect the combination of MenoLabs and the previously announced menopause brand with Naomi Watts to have the potential to deliver an estimated $30m in revenue in their first year and expect significant growth in the years ahead.”

Amyris announced in July last year its plans to develop a consumer brand with the actress and co-founder of ONDA Beauty.

The hormonal care opportunity

A flurry of new hormonal-targeted beauty brands are predicted to hit the global market

A flurry of new hormonal-targeted beauty brands are predicted to hit the global market

A new report by Cosmetics Business found that fresh opportunities are presenting themselves to beauty start-ups as the conversation around menopause reaches new heights.

New developments in the arena are mushrooming to help deal with the symptoms of the menopause, which include hot flsuhes, vaginal dryness and dry skin.

Fiona Glen, Head of Projects at beauty consultancy group The Red Tree, told Cosmetics Business that she invisages more brands will take advantage of the growing demand for better menopausal beauty.

“In the future I expect there to be far more brands that enter this space to really carve out the hormone health category.

“The challenge is whether one brand can offer a full monthly programme by addressing broader skin care concerns and hormonal issues under one brand umbrella, or whether it would need to be complementary as part of a portfolio of products.”

However, she warned that brands need to be careful not to stray into medical and healthcare advice when developing a brand image.

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