BRB at in-cosmetics Asia 2019

Published: 31-Oct-2019

At in-cosmetics Asia 2019 in Bangkok, BRB will co-exhibit with our partner Forecus Thailand and continue to showcase new specialty silicones portfolio, with the support of new innovative formulations

BRB Color Lock offers formulators next generation ‘multitasking’ film formers, based on novel dispersions of trimethylsiloxysilicate. These easy to use raw materials are designed to enhance modern lipsticks, mascaras and eye enhancing products.

BRB Color Lock holds fast vibrant colours for durable, class-leading rub-off and transfer resistance. Its flexible, breathable chemistry ensures it delivers the most comfortable colour cosmetics for perfect eyes, lips and skin.

BRB will showcase a new skin care formulation, Gem Water with BRB PB 152, at Spotlight On - Transformation Formulations during in-cosmetics Asia 2019. BRB PB 152 is a specially designed and tailor-made phenyl modified silicone fluid to enhance shine and impart a silky lubricious feel.

Due to the high refractive index of BRB PB 152 (RI= 1.52), it generates a high degree of shine, making it perfect to be included into color cosmetics products as well as skin care and hair care products.

Skin Care - BRB PB 152 can be used to formulate into oil-in-lotion skin toner product which provide superior aesthetics and sensory benefits to skin. The nourishing skin feel of BRB PB 152 is paired with the intense freshness of a water for a splash of energy to instantly revive a healthy-looking glow. Moreover, thousands of oil bubbles suspend in the toner gives outstanding appearance to formulation.

Lip Color - A touch of shine on lip color formulation can be achieved with BRB PB 152. Together with BRB TMS resin series able to provide long lasting effect.

Hair Care - BRB PB 152 is used to enhance the look and feel of hair by providing body and glossiness and to improve the texture of damaged hair. BRB PB 152 also can be used in hair conditioners, serums, dual phase hair spray and treatments.

Please visit us on our booth Number U30 at in-cosmetic Asia 2019 to discuss your silicone needs with our specialists.

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