Beyoncé unveils new fragrance Cé Noir: ‘It is finally here after years of work’

By Amanda Pauley | Published: 26-Oct-2023

Available to buy in November, the clementine and golden honey scent is the singer’s first fragrance launch in a decade

Beyoncé has finally unveiled her highly-anticipated new fragrance launch Cé Noir.

The singer, who has just come to the end of her Renaissance World Tour, took to Instagram to debut her first fragrance in almost a decade.  

The preview video shows a silver chrome-plated perfume bottle with sharp edges rotating 360-degrees. 

The silver casing reflects the bold aesthetics used throughout the star’s world tour. 

“It is finally here after years of work,” said Beyoncé on Instagram.

“I wanted something monolithic.

“And I wanted something [with] a little bit of intimacy.

“So, right here [pointing to the middle of the bottle where there is a see-through circle] you can see inside the soul of the perfume.

“I actually sprayed this during the show a few times as you gotta keep it fresh.

“And that is Cé Noir… say no more.” 

Cé Noir is the star’s first perfume launch since 2014 and the 15th release in her fragrance offering. 

Although the origin of the name has not been confirmed, it could be a nod to the fact the perfume is created in France. 

“Cé Noir” loosely translates to “this black”. 

Cé Noir has top notes of clementine and golden honey, and middle notes of rose absolute and jasmine sambac. 

The base notes are Namibian myrrh and golden amber. 

Cé Noir is US$160 and launches in November.

It is available for pre-order on

This is not the only highly-anticipated beauty launch from Beyoncé this year.

The Grammy Award-winning singer has also teased the release of a textured hair collection rooted in family and salon culture

Beyoncé is just one of many celebrities who have expanded their beauty empires with big scent launches this year.

Footballer David Beckham, fashion designer Victoria Beckham and Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown have all debuted new fragrances. 

Harry Styles’ beauty brand Pleasing, meanwhile, is also set to launch a sex-inspired fragrance collection.

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