Bemoral launches world-leading technology with glitter powder essence

Published: 23-Nov-2020

The Narcissus Nude Mask achieves three major functions in one easy step

Achieves three major functions in one easy step: Pre-make-up skin care, pearlescent make-up and strengthen your make-up lifespan.

Break through your cosmetic routine by applying our facial masks, amazing results will quickly show on your skin!

Our masks contain the world leading essence “Glitter Powder” derived from Germany, in line with EU regulation; as well as using the Japanese textile technology for our masks.

The Narcissus Nude Mask achieves a nude make-up effect in just 10 minutes! Contains upgraded glitter powder (moonlight glitter powder) and plant extracts glycosyl trehalose from Japan.

The mask helps with maintaining the infiltrating balance of the cells, and the full water absorbance of the skin. It is a perfect product for people who also don’t wear make-up as it is said to brighten up the skin.

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