Beauty trends to look out for in 2023

Published: 3-Feb-2023

Natural and sustainable beauty products: Consumers are increasingly interested in natural and sustainable options, so expect to see more brands using eco-friendly and ethically-sourced ingredients

Personalised beauty: Personalised skincare and makeup routines are becoming more popular, as consumers are looking for products tailored to their specific skin type and concerns.

Technology-driven beauty: Virtual try-on and augmented reality makeup tutorials are becoming more prevalent, and technology will continue to play a big role in the beauty industry.

Self-care: Self-care and wellness will continue to be important in the beauty industry, and will include practices such as aromatherapy, herbal remedies, and mindfulness.

Clean beauty: Clean beauty is a term used to describe products that are free of harmful ingredients and synthetic chemicals, this trend will continue to grow.

Gender-neutral beauty: The beauty industry is becoming more inclusive and many brands are starting to move away from traditional gender norms and creating products for everyone.

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