5 ways to future-proof your beauty brand

Published: 27-Sep-2017

Standing the test of time doesn't just happen to the lucky few – you have to work for it. Here's how to position your brand for long term success

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Laura Griffard

Laura Griffard

It's every beauty company's ambition to ensure their brand stands the test of time, retaining relevance and engaging consumers for the years to come.

But the occasional re-brand and product launch is not enough to keep your brand in the safe zone. Here, Laura Giffard, founder and Strategy Director of brand and design consultancy Perq Studio, outlines five key considerations that will help your brand grow to a ripe old age.

"While the beauty industry continues to develop, so too does the way in which people learn about, experience and purchase products and services.

With fresh, exciting brands launched every week, businesses must ensure that they’re future-proof and able to tackle both challenges and opportunities ahead, continuing to drive long-term profitability.

1. Be customer-obsessed

It has never been more important for brands to truly understand their customers and what they’re looking for. Whilst companies used to control all the information around price, product and distribution –mobile changed everything.

Now, your customers are in charge. They can access information and compare products at the click of a button – so if you don’t make their lives easy, or if they find something they don’t like, they will go to a competitor without a second thought.

But understanding your customer through traditional segmentation strategies is not enough. With the continuous exchange of ideas, people are rapidly forming online communities and shaping their identities in ways that are no longer limited by physical descriptors. For brands to become customer-obsessed and truly understand what makes people tick they need to forget about demographics and embrace psychographics.

Unilever is a great example of a holding company that understands the importance of being customer-obsessed, focusing on understanding attitudes and behaviours to drive engagement. When researching responses to marketing campaigns, Unilever found that

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