in-cosmetics previews Sustainability Gallery

Published: 28-Mar-2011

Who is committed and who is paying lip service?

There’s no doubt that sustainability is riding high on the cosmetics industry agenda at the moment, but are cosmetic ingredients companies really committed or are they paying lip service to the concept?

Visitors to this year’s in-cosmetics can find out more about companies that really do care about the environment. An inaugural ‘Sustainability Gallery’, which will promote some of the industry’s most sustainable initiatives, will be located at the in-focus feature (sponsored by Beraca) and will feature a selection of companies with a green story to tell.

Cathy Laporte, in-cosmetics group marketing manager explains: “There are companies who have a sustainability policy just because they think they should. Then there are companies for whom green practices are the cornerstone of their business, and a selection of these will be showcasing their work in the Sustainability Gallery.”

Among them will be:

Active Organics (stand L70). The company is clearly focused on environmentally compatible harvesting, manufacturing and distribution of innovative natural products. With a genuine dedication to global ecological preservation, Active Organics leads the charge to pioneer the newest advances in renewable and sustainable business practices.

Arizona Chemicals (stand R25) will also have a place in the Sustainability Gallery. The company is the world’s largest bio-refiner of pine tree extracts. Its line of 97% bio-renewable polymers (Sylvaclear and Uniclear) offer broad functionality as film formers, water-repellency agents, polymeric emulsion stabilisers, structuring agents, rheology modifiers, pigment stabilisers and delivery systems for actives in personal care.

Dr Straetmans Chemische Produkte GmBH (stand L79) will discuss its Dermofeel GSC palm oil free, an economic emulsifier designed to protect biodiversity by using locally sourced rapeseed oil, thereby reducing unnecessary transportation and respecting biodiversity at the same time.

Also taking part in the Sustainability Gallery will be:

• AzkoNobel (stand F30): Surface chemistry global personal care sustainability journey

• Arch Personal Care (stand F50): Guaranteed sustainable plant extracts through tissue culture

• Gattefosse s.a.s (stand C28): Ingredients and beyond…sustainability, our major challenge since 1880

• GreenPalm (stand Q79): Palm oil in the beauty industry – are your products orang-utang friendly?

• Honeywell International Inc (stand G80): New corn-based film former offers superior performance

• Laboratoires Expanscience (stand G59): Responsible procurement commitment

• Lipotec (stand H40): Biointec marine biotechnology for sustainable cosmetics

• Oleon NV (stand T34): Radia Easysurf 6881 – green solubiliser and mild cleanser for foaming preparation

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