Wild takes inspiration from the season for new autumnal scent

By Becky Bargh | Published: 23-Oct-2020

The sustainable deodorant’s Toffee Apple scent is infused with rich apple tones and a hint of seasonal spice

Biodegradable deodorant brand Wild has introduced a new seasonal-inspired scent to its portfolio.

The new Toffee Apple product combines apple tones with seasonal spices to give wearers a scent of the season.

The product’s scent is said to consist of layers, opening with the sweet apple notes for freshness before mellowing to release a deep spiced aroma.

Created from essential oils, the product uses a host of natural ingredients including tocopherol, a natural form of vitamin E; tapioca starch, extracted from the roots of the cassava plant, to absorb moisture; and shea butter to moisturise.

The Toffee Apple product is available as a one-off purchase or as part of a subscription service, starting from £5.

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