What’s trending in the world of natural & organic beauty for 2019?

Published: 12-Mar-2019

Natural Beauty & Spa Show to display over 250 trend-setting beauty brands

With the Soil Association predicting natural and organic beauty sales to reach £34bn this year, the influence of conscious consumerism, changing industry regulations and consumer attitudes towards wellbeing means the natural and organic beauty sector – known for its integrity and transparency – is continuing to grow and flourish in the mainstream.

Since its inception, The Natural Beauty & Spa Show has helped to launch thousands of natural and organic cosmetics and personal care products to the market for over 20 years.

This year, Europe’s favourite beauty business event will display over 250 natural, organic, vegan, indie-beauty, ethical, cruelty-free, allergen-free, and Fairtrade beauty brands when it returns to ExCeL London on 7-8 April.

Now with its audience growing more than ever, a principle opportunity for the industry remains its ability to further innovate and become a key area of investment for many beauty and wellbeing buyers, retailers, distributors, and suppliers, who regularly attend.

“Our customers are increasingly asking us for natural brands in beauty and wellness, and so we are really excited to participate at the show to find the best new natural brands out there,” say Rebecca Wicks, beauty buying manager at Sainsbury’s.

“The Natural Beauty & Spa Show is a very important show for the sector, because it shows you the innovation that is currently out there and the trends of the future. The show has everything in one place, it’s accessible and is over two days. For me, what’s not to love?” says founder of Beauty Kitchen, Jo-Anne Chidley.

Plastic-free & zero waste beauty

With a clear interest in ethics and environmentally conscious consumers championing natural cosmetics, ‘the war against plastics’ is fast-becoming the talking point within the industry – and a major trend to watch in 2019, according to industry experts (and regular visitors to the show).

“It really is time for all beauty and food brands including organic to up their game and start phasing out plastic and excessive tree-derived packaging which depletes forests and upsets our eco-system. Plastic is Enemy No. 1 right now so I expect to see more innovation around packaging,” says Fiona Klonarides, founder of The Beauty Shortlist and Natural Beauty News’ Top 25 Who’s Who in Natural Beauty finalist.

“The zero-waste movement is picking up momentum,” agrees Anna Brightman, co-founder of UpCircle Beauty (previously Optiat).“Finding innovative ways to protect and preserve products in packaging, which has no detrimental environmental impact, will be key in the coming year. It’s time to turn the plastic tap off,” she says.

As the need for more sustainable packaging options further aligns with customer values, visitors can discover a whole range of beauty championing eco-packaging and zero waste alternatives across the show-floor.

Scence Natural Skincare is presenting its cosmetics in paper packaging on stand B12. Natura has a range of biodegradable sheet masks on stand D22, and Balade en Provence will be showcasing its zero waste beauty bars and shaving soaps with compostable packaging on stand A11.

A Fine Choice will also be presenting Lamazuna’s reusable cleansing wipes, solid shampoos and its new solid facial cleanser, on stand C33.

What’s trending in the world of natural & organic beauty for 2019?

Microplastic alternatives

Since the recent EU ban on microplastics within cosmetics came into effect, natural beauty brands have been leading the way in their natural, sustainable alternatives to ‘microbeads’ in their scrubs and skincare.

“While the UK has banned the sale of microbeads in rinse-off products, this is a very small step towards the removal of plastics in the products we put on our skin – and into the oceans – daily. Synthetic polymers are used in almost all mainstream cosmetics, and when shoppers realise this there’ll be another big shift to natural alternatives,” says Katie Hill, editor and co-founder of My Green Pod.

Green People will be championing their microplastic free, 100% recyclable skincare on stand B16, whilst Upcircle will be showcasing its natural coffee scrubs, used from coffee waste granules, providing an alternative to microplastics and synthetic polymers (stand B34). Trilogy will also be presenting its range of ethical beauty products that use rosehip seed powder as an ocean safe alternative to microbeads (stand B3, Glorious Brands).

Vegan Beauty

The sale of vegan beauty products in the UK reported an increase of 38% in the 12-month period between February 2017 to the end of January 2018, according to The NPD Group. There’s no surprise that the vegan beauty trend is here to stay in 2019.

With plant-based lifestyles growing more than ever, consumers are looking to beauty and skincare products that are cruelty-free, made with plant-derivatives and include no animal products in its formulations.

“Vegan products also continue to be huge, this is a movement rather than a trend and is going to continue to grow as the younger generations become involved,” comments Mel Jenkinson, founder of online natural beauty store, Glow Organic.

Eco by Sonya, Clockface Beauty, UpCircle, Kypwell, The YES YES Company, Urtekram, Absolute Aromas, DLT Chiropody, Lavera, Inika Organics, and Ben & Anna, among others, will be showcasing their diverse ranges of vegan-friendly products at the show – some exclusively launching for the first time into the UK market.

Vegan products also continue to be huge, this is a movement rather than a trend and is going to continue to grow as the younger generations become involved

CBD/Hemp beauty

CBD and hemp beauty have been making headlines in the natural and organic market. With both showing multiple benefits in health due to its anti-inflammatory properties, studies have also shown it can aid in the treatment of skin conditions too.

“CBD oil and hemp look like the big story of 2019. Hemp is an extremely fast-growing crop with a multitude of uses, not just for beauty and wellness, but also fashion, paper, packaging, bags and more,” says Fiona Klonarides, founder of The Beauty Shortlist.

“CBD will be used not just in oils. More inventive uses will come to the fore, so different methods of delivery (lozenges, mints, water, body care) and combinations of CBD with other ingredients will give added benefit to consumers,” comments Richard Anderton, buyer at The Health Store.

On the show floor, CW Hemp is showcasing its Hemp infused cream and hemp infused balm, blended with botanicals and essential oils on stand F33. CBD FX’s full spectrum hemp cream can be found on stand G28 and CBD one will be displaying a range of CBD oils on stand B46.

Health foods for beauty

The health foods for beauty trends, sometimes known as ‘beauty from within’, is becoming more prevalent in the sector, as more consumers are looking to nutritional supplements to enhance healthy skin and complexion from the inside, out.

“You can’t really talk about trends without mentioning superfoods and I think this year will be all about collagen - vegan-friendly collagen boosters to be exact,” says Ariane Chui. Whilst Mark Smith, director general at NATRUE, adds: “From a functionality perspective there has been developing interest in how cosmetic products interact with the skin’s microbiome to support healthy flora, and so healthy skin.”

With a philosophy of ‘The most beautiful makeup is healthy, radiant skin’, new exhibitor Zojo Beauty Elixirs (stand B13) will be showcasing their selection of marine collagen boosting beauty formulas at the show for the first time. The range, which includes ‘The Young Formula’, ‘The Gorgeous Formula’, and ‘The Superfood Formula’, contains various adaptogens, potent plants and superfoods to support immunity, firmness and hydration of the skin.

To read even more beauty trends from leading experts, please visit www.naturalproducts.co.uk/what-are-the-natural-beauty-trends-of-2019/.

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