Webinar: Understanding your SPF data (FDA method)

Published: 20-Apr-2023

Read all about the upcoming 'Understanding your SPF data (FDA method)' webinar, including dates and tickets!

Sunscreens are regulated by the FDA as Over the Counter (OTC) drugs. Before they enter the market, they must be shown to be both safe and effective and must comply with requirements listed in the FDA’s OTC sunscreen monograph. Eurofins | CRL has assembled this webinar as an educational session to help sunscreen suppliers, formulators, marketers, and manufacturers understand the pertinent details behind the SPF product testing.

Topics include, an overview of the FDA method, determination and validation of SPF values, product performance as it pertains to the FDA monograph, understanding the results of your SPF testing and how to interpret these results for industry compliance and label claims. After attending this webinar, participants will be in a better position to make strategic well-informed decisions based on the data they will receive from this type of testing and analysis that best fits their needs and product development goals.

To register for one of the upcoming sessions, please click on one of the below links.

Tuesday, May 23rd 2023 10am-11am EDT Register

Tuesday, May 23rd 2023 2pm-3pm EDT Register

Tuesday, June 13th 10am-11am EDT Register

Tuesday, June 13th 2pm-3pm EDT Register

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