Level up your sunscreen: The ultimate solubiliser for crystalline UV filters

Published: 7-Jun-2024

Elevate your sunscreen formulations with SymSol ProSun, the ultimate solution for high-SPF sunscreens. It ensures stability and a reliable SPF while enhancing skin feel

In the ever-evolving world of sun care, developing effective, stable, and safe sunscreen formulations is becoming increasingly challenging. Consumers demand higher SPF, but formulators face shrinking choices for accepted UV filters due to regulatory restrictions and public opinion. As liquid UV filters are limited in quantity, crystalline UV filters become important in modern sunscreen concepts, which can lead to recrystallising issues in formulations.

SymSol® ProSun emerges as an innovative solubiliser for crystalline UV filters, designed to address these challenges. This new product, developed by Symrise AG, is a synergistic emollient blend that overcomes solubilizsation and recrystallisation issues, ensuring stable sunscreens and reliable, sustained SPF. SymSol® ProSun not only stabilises crystalline UV filters but also offers excellent pigment wetting properties for mineral UV filters like ZnO and TiO2, enhancing the overall performance and feel of sun care products.

With SymSol® ProSun, formulators can create high-SPF sunscreens that meet consumer demands and regulatory requirements, all while providing a pleasant skin feel. As a star performer in the realm of sun care, SymSol® ProSun is set to redefine how we approach sunscreen formulation, making it an indispensable ingredient for the next generation of sun protection products.

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