Webinar: The Future of Clean Beauty

Published: 27-May-2020

Join Aprinnova and Cosmetics Business on 25 June for an insightful discussion on clean beauty

Millennial and Gen Z consumers are demanding products that embody their social and environmental values. Over the past two years, some of the fastest growing cosmetics brands have leveraged the term 'clean beauty' to resonate with this consumer segment. But no global standard for 'clean beauty' exists.

The Future of Clean Beauty Live will empower brand leaders with a clear definition of clean beauty and the latest science, technology, and innovations expertise to become a 'clean beauty visionary' to support sustainable, safe, and high performance applications.

The panel of experts will also walk your brand through the impact that 'clean beauty' is having on the retail space and consumer trends. Disruptor brands will also share their own journey in producing successful Clean Beauty Innovations.

What you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for launching successful, sustainable formulations with natural and renewably sourced ingredients
  • How to launch with reduced packaging
  • The outlook for zero waste and circular economy in cosmetics
  • A clear, science-based understanding of what clean beauty is (and is not) and how to battle misconceptions.

This webinar will also include guest speakers from the beauty brands talking about their clean beauty journey and innovations.

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