The Future of Clean Skincare with Cosmetics Business

Published: 17-Aug-2020

How to nourish growth: The skin microbiome, CBD and clean ingredients

Consumers want nourished, healthy looking skin from natural products. More than ever, they’re asking about the science of skin care and many trust science-backed claims more than social media influencers.

What is the most strategic way for your brand to respond to this “clean wellness” megatrend?

This event will help you answer this question by offering clear guidance on two of the most important topics within this mega trend: the skin microbiome and CBD.

Our presenters and panel of experts will give you a clear understanding of the latest science of the microbiome, what microbiome claims you need to know, keys to CBD skincare success, and the outlook for CBD in 2021.

We will walk you through how these topics are shaping consumer expectations, what R&D teams need to know, and a view to the next major wave of product innovation following the global pandemic.

What you’ll learn:

  • The latest microbiome claims you should use and why
  • How consumers view the microbiome and how you can position your next product 
  • The most important criteria for “microbiome-friendly” ingredients
  • New CBD online and retail trends
  • The CBD product development check-list for success
  • The outlook for CBD in skincare in 2021.

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