Unlocking therapeutic potential of cannabidiol (CBD) for oily skin

Published: 21-May-2021

The current CBD (short for cannabidiol) trend has the internet buzzing with over million tags on social media and over half a million published articles.

Medicinal benefits of CBD but all of these claimed benefits come with cautions, especially because there is very little scientific evidence to back the purported advantages of CBD and its effectiveness in topical applications.

Strict regulations have stunted research on cannabidiol, but that hasn’t hampered product popularity in the beauty and personal care market. With many of the current studies on CBD and skin though a body of preclinical evidence and confirmed clinical efficacy and elucidation of underlying molecular mechanisms yet to be fully identified, the cosmetic world has witnessed a rise in topical CBD products.

At Infinitec, we believe CBD and other cannabinoids certainly have the potential to be major players in the skin care industry. Our latest launch, CBD Oil Balance provides an update on the advances in CBD research to date and confirms the therapeutical potential of cannabidiol for oily skin, exploiting innovative biological pathways.

Clinically proven through two in vivo studies, CBD Oil Balance is effective in the treatment of oily skin thanks to its excellent sebum-regulating capacity (avg -33% sebum secretion in 14 days), by reducing the number, area and size of sebaceous glands (avg -47%), anti-acne activity (avg -37% - measured in the presence of porphyrins in skin), its ability to reduce skin erythema and, also, its noticeable microbiota-balancing therapeutic effect in oily skins.

Furthermore, with CBD Oil Balance, we not only scientifically demonstrate the potential of CBD in oily skin but other major problems in formulating with oils are also solved.

Thanks to our water-dispersible, PEG-Free, lipid capsules technology, we are able to create a gateway for oil actives in aqueous-based formulations, improve their penetration and bioavailability within skin.

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