Infinitec introduces Golden C, a premium, natural experience in the huge, viral and undifferentiated market of vitamin C

Published: 29-Mar-2019

Based on the synergistic effect of gold and glutathione for a novel form of stabilised ascorbic acid 

Many Vitamin-C derivatives have been lately proposed in order to stabilise it and to be physiologically converted to the active compound, ascorbic acid (AA).

However, these derivatives suffer of skin penetration or AA conversion issues. A novel stabilised form of Vitamin-C, Golden C, has been developed at Infinitec. AA and glutathione have been conjugated to gold particles.

This one of a kind stabilised form of Vitamin C shows increased stability of AA, together with dramatically enhanced skin penetration (60% in epidermis in 30 min) and outstanding anti-oxidant properties, both in-vitro and in-vivo.

In Human Dermal Fibroblast, it effectively stimulates collagen synthesis and protects against lipoperoxidation. In-vivo test shows protection against beta-carotenes loss induced by oxidative challenges.

Worthy of attention is that by Golden C, we can achieve these outstanding results at a dramatically low concentration of AA, because of the mentioned stability by protection, zero product-waste by enhanced penetration and boosted anti-oxidant power by synergy with GSH. This, in turn, has some benefits on the impact of Golden C on the final formulation in terms of cost as well as appearance and appeal (texture, smell, color, etc).

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