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Published: 4-Apr-2023

What if you can boost your sales, showcase your products and upgrade your brand image while paying less and doing less. Mainstream retailers disclose that it’s time to present your products without secondary packaging

Retailers suggest brands present their products without secondary packaging.

There are several benefits of eliminating secondary packaging in cosmetic branding.

Benefit #1 - Improved brand image and enhanced product visibility: According to retailers’ analyses, products that don’t have secondary packaging sell better. Consumers want to see what they are paying for before buying it. The transparency of EPOPACK’s PET heavy wall bottles make the product easily visible from the outside. This can be especially beneficial for formulations that have a unique colour or appearance, as it allows the consumer to visualise the product in its entirety before purchasing. The products that brands pour their hearts and souls into should not be covered. Presenting your products independently can help to increase brand recognition and build trust with customers.

Benefit #2 - Increased sustainability: Removing unnecessary packaging not only saves the environment, but showcases brands' sustainability effort and value. The brand can improve its sustainability image by reducing waste and using eco-friendly materials. This communicates the brand's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility that the eco-friendly consumer looks for.

Benefit #3 - Cost savings: Secondary packaging typically involves additional material. By eliminating this, brands can save on material costs, which can be significant. Smartly designed primary packaging can offer a combination of durability and transparency without the need for secondary packaging. Save space, materials, and cost.

PET heavy wall packaging is an ideal packaging solution for products that do not require additional protection. For cosmetic products this can communicate the brand's commitment to quality, durability, and eco-friendliness. This communication attracts customers while building trust with them.

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