Epopack believes packaging can tell stories. Over 30 years, Epopack has been supporting brands to present their value and deliver their stories and messages to the markets

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Epopack Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and outstanding supplier in the cosmetics packaging industry. With more than 30-year experiences in R&D as well as manufacturing, we offer an extensive range of high-quality cosmetics containers worldwide. We also provide custom-made services to meet our customers’ needs.

We clearly understand that our customers are in a beauty industry, what they need is not just a container but a storyteller. A packaging that tells stories.

Everything we do is because of EPOPACK’s believing in story power. Our packaging tells stories, our stories and customer’s stories. To success our goal, our products are beautifully designed, easy to customised and environmental friendly.

It happen to be PET heavy wall bottles and jars. PET is the most widely recycled plastic in the world, which has international recycle code #1. And heavy wall style creates the value that you can physically feel in your hands.

Our product lines include PET heavy-wall bottles, PET heavy wall jars, SAN (AS) , PETG and PP airless bottles. Besides, with attentive efforts on creating environmentally friendly products, we have been dedicated to developing 100% post consumer recycled (PCR) PET bottles since 2009.

Our PCR PET heavy-wall cosmetic bottles are produced from 100% PCR PET resin, which is manufactured by our cooperative partner, DAAI Technology Co., Ltd.

The recycled material is created by TZU CHI environmental volunteers, dedicated to carefully sorting, removing labels, caps and neck rings one by one as well as thoroughly cleaning the PCR PET bottles as the virgin PET ones.

Our corporate social responsibility focuses on preserving the Earth for future generations. Upholding the mission to use energy-efficient and highly sustainable packaging materials to develop a wealth of cosmetic bottles, we will keep on supplying eco-friendly and recyclable cosmetics packaging as well as satisfactory customer services.

Our history

  • 1987 Established in Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2000 glass perfume bottles, PP/PETG/ AS airless bottle, acrylic bottles, aluminum purse atomisers
  • 2005 Developed PET heavy wall bottles
  • 2009 Developed 100% PCR-PET
  • 2011 Developed PET heavy wall jars in single material concept.

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