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Tweezerman debuts engraving service at Selfridges

Published: 30-Jul-2015

The trend for personalisation is a key theme for the retailer this Christmas

UK retailer Selfridges has revealed ambitious plans to deliver personalised services across a number of product categories over the Christmas period.

At its Christmas launch event, held at The Old Selfridges Hotel in London, the retailer unveiled plans to offer personalised name engravings on Tweezerman tweezers as well as the brand’s Brush iQ range. Other personalised services include greetings cards, baubles and jars of Nutella, among other items.

Tweezerman debuts engraving service at Selfridges

The Tweezerman service is an exclusive launch to Selfridges Beauty Workshop and marks the first time the brand has offered engraving in the UK. Consumers can choose to have their names, initials and certain symbols engraved onto the original stainless steel tweezer, coloured slant tweezer or mini slant tweezer tools.

Alexandra Jansons, UK Sales Director for Tweezerman, said: “We are so excited that our loyal customers can now create a personalised Tweezerman product in seconds that means something more than just beauty excellence to them. It’s an opportunity to own a unique product that is exclusive to them or as a gift to someone who will appreciate that extra touch.”

The service will be available from 31 August-6 September and then again from 7-13 December, and will be free of charge during these periods.

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