Topical probiotic serum, microbiome and intolerance test to support acne prone skin: all in one package offered by the BioArte

Published: 21-Apr-2023

BioArte would like to share exciting news that they have decided to help people who are struggling with acne-prone skin by sharing their expertise accumulated through years of research on the gut-skin axis

BioArte understands that acne has both topical and internal manifestations, with gut dysbiosis playing a significant role in its development.

While the skin dysbiosis is linked to C.acnes IA and S.epidermidis, the gut community's complexity requires personalised recommendations. Therefore, the company is providing a personalised combination of a topical serum called SkinDuo, along with gut tests and food intolerance tests. This will allow us to address your skin concerns and provide you with personalised oral probiotic and diet recommendations to improve your gut health.

BioArte's approach takes into account both topical and internal factors, which is why the company claims this solution is unique. To address your acne-prone skin through the gut is the secret to BioArte's success. The package, which includes a topical probiotic serum, food intolerance test and microbiome test (both to be taken at home), and personalised diet recommendations, is available for only 200 euros, all inclusive.

BioArte is proud to provide this innovative solution to help individuals with acne-prone skin. They are confident that their personalised approach will deliver results and support healthier skin and gut health. Get in touch with their team today to learn more about this exciting package, contacting and they will provide all the details of the offer.

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