Tom Daley is Gillette’s new brand ambassador

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 3-Jul-2024

Daley will front a campaign focused on his pre-dive grooming routine ahead of his appearance at the Paris Olympic Games

British Olympic diver and television personality Tom Daley is the new face of Gillette.

Daley will front the brand’s Body and Intimate grooming range and feature in a campaign focused on his pre-dive grooming routine.

The 30-year-old joins fellow Olympian swimmers and ambassadors Lydia Jacoby, Anastasia Pagonis and Torri Huske, who were named the faces of Gillette Venus in May.

“To win an Olympic medal, you have to be at your best – physically and mentally, so knowing your body is prepared in every way for optimal performance is vital,” said Daley.

“Feeling smooth and knowing you’re ready to make that perfect rip entry helps to get you into the competition mindset, so partnering with Gillette Body & Intimate just made sense.”

The Intimate grooming collection launched in September 2023.

It includes the Gillette Body & Intimate Hair Trimmer i3 which the brand said protects skin from snags, cuts and irritation.

The Intimate Hair Razor, meanwhile, has been created with five anti-friction blades and a ball handle designed for manoeuvrability and contours.

A Shave Cream + Cleanser was also released and works to cleanse, hydrate hair and protect skin during the shave.

“Tom Daley is known for his incredible performance on and off the diving board and is someone we’re proud to support for when it really, really matters,” added Callum Wood, Gillette Brand Director for UK & Ireland. 

Daley will make his fifth Olympic appearance at the Paris 2024 Olympics this summer. 

He first won a bronze medal at the London Olympic Games in 2012 and went on to win medals at Rio 2016 and claimed gold in the 2020 Tokyo Games.

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