The story of War Paint

Published: 18-Jan-2023

How the male colour cosmetics and skincare brand started and the story behind it, told by them

"The story of War Paint is a personal one. As a child, our founder Danny was bullied for his appearance. This short stint of bullying affected him in a massive way. So much so that he developed a form of body dysmorphia, causing him to obsess about the way he looked to minute detail.

When Danny first borrowed his sister’s concealer to cover some teenage acne, he discovered what War Paint customers the world over experience every day: the power of these products and what they can do for your confidence. And when he couldn’t find a brand that related to him? He created one.

A men’s grooming company built on makeup, recently expanded into skincare, and ready to empower inside and out. And make no mistake: unlike that first trial, this isn’t women’s makeup repurposed or in different packaging; War Paint is made for men’s skin.

Since our launch in 2018, we’ve sold over 250,000 units of makeup to over 200 countries across the globe. We’ve won awards, been featured in over 400 press articles and gone viral on social media multiple times. You can find our products online, and in over 200 retail stores across the world, including Superdrug in the UK. And this is just the beginning. Come and visit us at Just Around The Corner in February, and let’s chat about how we can help support your customers."

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