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The skin care device that can be controlled by your smartphone

Published: 5-Nov-2015

Feeligreen's new i-feel Beauty set contains a 'smart' electronic device

Giving skin care a digital twist, a new product allows consumers to carry out their anti-ageing routines via their smartphone or tablet devices.

French 'dermo-innovation' start-up Feeligreen has launched i-feel Beauty under its cosmetics brand Feeligold. The i-feel Beauty set (€350) combines four skin care products including stretchmarks, imperfections, anti-ageing and cellulite. The set has an accompanying electronic device, Activ’feel, which uses micro-currents to maximise permeation of ingredients into the upper layers of the skin.

The device can be controlled by the user’s smartphone or tablet via the Feeligold app, which is free to download on iOS and Android. Using their personal devices, users can control the treatment received and the duration the device works for, as well as choose from three levels of intensity.

The device also uses LED lights to activate collagen in the skin, according to the company. In tests conducted by Feeligreen, using the Activ’feel device with the i-feel Beauty products provided “noticeable results” within seven days, compared to roughly 28 days without using the device.

Feeligreen was founded by Dr Christophe Bianchi, CEO, in 2012 and is based in Grasse, France.

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