The gut health trend tackling skin conditions from within

By Jo Allen | Published: 18-Jan-2024

As consumer understanding of the gut-skin axis grows, the supplement space is buzzing with a host of new launches

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When it comes to tackling conditions like acne and psoriasis, consumers are going beyond skin-deep.

The connection between gut dysbiosis and skin issues has long been recognised, but the rapidly growing body of research on the gut-skin axis, rising innovation from supplement brands and an acceleration in consumer understanding has propelled the space forward further over the past year.

Just two years ago, brands were facing challenges around the lack in consumer understanding that a imbalanced gut microbiome can have on the skin.

However, the recent step-change in understanding around how interconnected our internal systems are, has had a positive impact.

TikTok has undoubtedly played a role here, with #GutTok racking up 1.1 billion views, while #GutHealth has 6.5 billion, putting gut health on the radar of Gen Z.

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