Sustainable Cosmetics Europe 2014

Published: 26-Sep-2014

Oscar Expósito Tarrés, CSO and Co-Founder of PHYTURE BIOTECH will open the Ingredients Session on day one with "Innovating using Plant Cell Technology"

Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Europe will cover developments in green ingredients, marketing and customer behaviour. The summit will discuss ways to encourage sustainable purchases and responsible consumption of cosmetics and personal care products. An update will be given on the growing palette of green ingredients, whilst a dedicated workshop will tackle the formulation issues associated with functional green personal care products.

In its 6th edition the European edition summit will be hosted in Paris on 24-26th November. The aim is to encourage sustainability in the beauty industry by bringing together key stake-holders and debate the major issues in a high-level forum.

Running for three days the sessions and final day work shop deconstruct the supply chain for a sustainable business. Day one "Sustainability Pillars" and "Green Ingredients", day two "Marketing Developments" and "Customer Behaviour" with a workshop "Formulating Functional Green Personal Care Products" on day three.

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