Spec-Chem Industry Inc. solves eye bag problems

Published: 5-Jul-2018

Spec-Chem Industry Inc. Efficacy Test Center recently applied HPLC method to evaluate function of SpecKare EyeS100 as ACE-Inhibitors.

The test proved that SpecKare EyeS100 works effectively as an ACE inhibitor.

Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) plays an important role in regulating blood pressure in body. Hippuric acid produced by the incubation system of N-Hippuryl-His-Leu hydrate and ACE is used to evaluate inhibitory activity towards ACE from different samples.

Hippuric acid has a maximum absorption at 228 nm. Therefore, the inhibitory activity on ACE could be evaluated by measuring the amount of hippuric acid produced by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Table.1 result

Sample Concentration (%) ACE inhibitory activity (%)
SpecKare EyeS100 0.5% wt. 73.2%
SpecKare EyeS100 1% wt. 78.0%
SpecKare EyeS100 3% wt. 81.4%
SpecKare EyeS100 5% wt. 85.5%
SpecKare EyeS100 10% wt. 87.3%
placebo 0 0
Fig 2: Primos lite clinically recorded volunteer's eye bags change.

Fig 2: Primos lite clinically recorded volunteer's eye bags change.

Result 2: Eyebag volume is 173.5889mm3 at 0days, 157.5945mm3 at 3days, 137.5668mm3 at 7days. 20% eye bag reduction after 7days with 5% SpecKare Eyes 100 treatment.

To conclude, SpecKare EyeS100, as an effective ACE inhibitor, helps effectively reduce contraction of capillary walls. As for eye care (in vitro), it reduces eye edema - an excellent solution for puffy eyes.

Besides of its activity in removal of eye bags, SpecKare EyeS100 shows outstanding efficacy in anti-ageing and wrinkles removal.

In vivo test showed that wrinkle area ratio reduced by 32.48% after 14days, 43.56% after 28 days. Detailed clinical test report is available on your request.

SpecKare EyeS100, a traditional Chinese herb ext. synergised with beauty peptides to provide an intense and thorough solutions to eye edema, crow 's-feet, moisturising and soothing effects.

*SpecKare EyeS100 is a registered trademark ingredient of Spec-Chem Industry


Spec-Chem Industry Inc. based in China, is certified by ISO 90001:2008, ISO 14001:2015 and SA8000:2014. Spec-Chem manufactures beauty peptides, fermentation ingredients, chemical synthetic ingredients and plants extract.

Also providing solutions onto formulations based on both in vitro and in vivo technical support at their R&D Centre with a number of facilities for application and efficacy testing.

Spec-Chem Industry Inc. today distributes to L’oréal, Unilever, Esteé Lauder, amorePacific, Kao and Blue Moon.

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