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Selfridges bans sale of plastic glitter beauty products

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 29-Jan-2020

In 2019, the luxury department store removed single-use plastic wipes from its shelves

Luxury department store group Selfridges has pledged to remove all plastic-based glitter cosmetics from its shelves by 2021.

More than 300 beauty partners, including brands and service providers, will work to remove the microplastic ingredient from its collections at Selfridges over the next 12 months.

“By removing all microplastic glitter products from our beauty offer, we hope to inspire our customers, suppliers and fellow retailers to act responsibly, seek alternatives and make positive change through transparent and meaningful action,” said Daniella Vega, Director of Sustainability at Selfridges.

According to the prestige retailer, many of the beauty brands it stocks – including Lancôme, It Cosmetics, Benefit and Christian Louboutin Beauty – are already plastic glitter-free.

The decision is the latest move by the London-headquartered company to combat its contribution to plastic pollution.

As part of its Buying Better, Inspiring Change strategy, in November 2019, Selfridges banned the sale of all single-use beauty wipes.

In 2016, the 110-year-old company stopped selling products containing microbeads, two years ahead of the UK national manufacturing ban.

Vega continued: “As we continue to see the devastating and irreversible impact of single-use plastics on our environment and on marine life in particular, we are committed to reducing Selfridges’ plastic footprint, a key milestone in our ongoing Buying Better, Inspiring Change business strategy.”

Melissa McGinnis, Selfridges Head of Beauty, added: “Beauty is a feel-good industry, so it is important to us that by being transparent, taking steps towards reducing unnecessary plastics and offering alternatives, our customers can also feel good by making informed and responsible buying decisions.”

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