Reverskin for anti-ageing care

Published: 5-Nov-2015

REVERSKIN for anti-ageing care: the skin volumator smoothing active.

REVERSKIN is an innovative and powerful cellular booster for the volume & the relief of a young skin.

In vitro, REVERSKIN stimulates epidermal renewal and stimulates the increase in major skin key components for resistance, firmness and elasticity (collagens IV and VII, Laminin 5, Perlecan).

Finally, REVERSKIN re-densifies extracellular matrix, strengthens dermo-epidermal junction and increases epidermal thickness. The horny layer’s cohesion is optimum - so skin is better moisturised: Hydration level is increased. Also, skin micro-relief and texture are greatly improved.

REVERSKIN, ultra-concentrated in Phytoecdysterols issued from a tropical fern, is a global anti-ageing that reverses the ageing of skin to young aspect of skin: volume, structure, radiance and relief of a young skin.

Greentech to exhibit at SCS Formulate at LEHVOSS stand 201

Reverskin for anti-ageing care

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