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Published: 22-Jan-2014

During Incosmetics 2014 in Hamburg, Greentech will offer new solutions issued from biotechnologies for major skin care...

During Incosmetics 2014 in Hamburg, Greentech, one of the leaders of innovative active ingredient suppliers, will offer new solutions issued from biotechnologies for major skin care.

Many NEW natural actives will be presented to preserve your skin beauty as: - An active against dark circles for effective formulation of concealer. It has been developed by cryoextraction, a high tech tool patented by GREENTECH. It has decongestant action and decreases hyperpigmentation, hypervascularization, inflammations and thus fades away dark circles.
- An active against OILY SKIN. Obtained by fermentation of probiotic, it counteracts sebum secretion and is especially dedicated to acne-prone skin products. This takes part of NEW range of GREENTECH ingredients, the PROBIOPHYTES, obtained from BIOTECHNOLOGIES.

Also, GREENTECH will launch 2 classes of new ingredients, obtained by BIOTECHNOLOGIES: - the FERMENT'ACTIVES, developed using a customized and controlled fermentation process to naturally enhance functionality, increase efficacy and develop new activities.
- a NEW variety of SOFT BUTTERS, the GTB series that combines properties of SOFT BUTTERS with higher feel sensory and auto-emulsion capacities. GTB have natural origin and can be easily included into trendy formulations like cleansing cream, cream oil body wash, in-shower body lotion... This is a good help to silky and soft touch formulation.

Follow the GREENTECH way and find out more about our new actives and textures at booth 1F20.

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